got home videos on a moldy old tape?

we can clean and digitize it for you!

It's well documented that tapes and discs deteriorate over time. There's plenty of choices when it comes to converting your tapes to a digital medium, unless you have someone handy who knows what they're talking about, you could easily be overcharged.

At CromulentVHS, we are A/V nerds, plain and simple. We have the know-how to repair, digitize in near-lossless quality, and everything in-between when it comes to handling your media.

the process

  1. Create an order
  2. Mail your tapes to address sent to you.
  3. We see if we have to clean or repair your tapes.
  4. We digitize your tapes to look buttery smooth in our high-end equipment.
  5. We send it back with a file link or a USB (+$5) with your tape digitized on